Best Places to Shop in and Around Cohasset

Frank Neer | May 16, 2024

Located on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Cohasset is a picturesque coastal town that combines the charm of rural New England with a touch of sophisticated living. As a hidden gem for shopping enthusiasts, Cohasset offers a variety of unique stores and boutiques that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. This guide will explore some of the best places to shop in Cohasset, from quaint local boutiques to must-visit shops, ensuring that both residents and visitors alike can enjoy a delightful shopping experience.

Cohasset Village

At the heart of Cohasset’s shopping scene is the historic Cohasset Village. This quaint downtown area is lined with beautifully preserved buildings and a collection of shops that showcase the town's rich history and community spirit. Strolling through the village, shoppers can explore an array of local boutiques, art galleries, and specialty stores.

Buttonwood Books and Toys is a local favorite, offering a carefully curated selection of books and unique toys that appeal to all ages. It's a perfect spot for finding a thoughtful gift or the next great read.

French Memories Bakery offers a delightful selection of French pastries and breads. While primarily a bakery, the charming ambiance and the scent of fresh croissants make it a must-visit spot for those who appreciate fine, artisanal foods.

The Mill Wharf Plaza

Located near the scenic harbor, The Mill Wharf Plaza offers a more modern shopping experience while maintaining the charm that Cohasset is known for. This plaza hosts a range of shops and eateries, with stunning views of the waterfront, making it a perfect place to shop and relax.

Cohasset Jewelers is a standout in this location, offering exquisite jewelry pieces that reflect both classic and contemporary designs. The store is renowned for its customer service and the quality of its custom pieces.

Good Sport, a store that caters to the active lifestyle, provides high-quality sports apparel and equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, this shop supports all your sporting needs.

Harborview Wine and Spirits offers a fine selection of wines, craft beers, and spirits. The knowledgeable staff can guide you through their impressive assortment, helping you find the perfect beverage for any occasion.

South Main Street

South Main Street presents a more eclectic mix of shops, blending traditional values with modern tastes. This stretch is known for its variety and the personal touch that shop owners bring to their services.

Seasonal Markets and Fairs

Throughout the year, Cohasset hosts a variety of markets and fairs that offer seasonal and handmade goods from local artisans and farmers. These events are a great opportunity to purchase unique items and support local businesses.

The Cohasset Farmers Market is a cherished summer tradition, drawing both locals and visitors to its vibrant array of stalls each week. Nestled in the heart of the town, this market offers a bounty of fresh, locally grown produce, ensuring that shoppers have access to the freshest fruits and vegetables throughout the season. In addition to the produce, the market features a selection of homemade jams, made from the finest local ingredients. These jams range from traditional flavors to unique combinations, offering something to suit every palate. Artisanal cheeses are another highlight, with local cheesemakers presenting an assortment of fine cheeses that showcase the skill and dedication of regional artisans. The market not only serves as a place to purchase high-quality local goods but also acts as a communal hub where people gather to enjoy the lively atmosphere and connect with growers and makers, truly embodying the spirit of Cohasset’s community.

Additionally, the Annual Arts Festival brings together artists from across the region, offering a range of handcrafted goods, from pottery to hand-blown glass.

Shopping in Cohasset is more than just a transaction; it’s an experience that reflects the town's commitment to preserving its unique character while embracing modernity. Each store and boutique in Cohasset is a testament to the town's vibrant community and its dedication to supporting local businesses. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, exploring the shops of Cohasset offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and retail therapy that is sure to enchant and engage shoppers of all interests.

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